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Membership Info

The fee for joining Interlake Archers for the 2010 season is $15.00 not including any ABAM fees. You should join the ABAM as well. A family membership is $40.00, not including any ABAM fees. The fee for the year entitles you to have access to the Interlake Range, discounts on Interlake Archers clothing for the first items purchased, and become eligible to participate in special events.

The outdoor yearly shooting fee will be $90.00 for the all events hosted by the Interlake Archers, not including the Canada Cup, Provincial Championships or Trials.

The cost of an individual shoot is $10 for adults.

The club is planning to have 12 shoots this year, with perhaps one or two more added during the end of the year. We are considering a night shoot at the Stonewall Ball diamonds later in the fall as well..

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